Impressing Your Customers Is Easy With 3 Guaranteed Tactics

“Customer is king.”

“Customer is always right.”

“Your customer is your paycheck.”

You have read all such quotes about customers. Even large multinational companies receive low ratings due to their poor customer services. Smaller companies have a lot less resources, so they have to be more careful when dealing with their customers. A business depends on its customers to operate, earn and progress. How do you impress your customers? Over the years, businesses have realized some successful strategies that help impress customers.

1. Deliver What You Promise

It seems quite obvious and yet many companies fail to deliver on their promises. Customers will tolerate poor customer service and other minor issues. However, if your main product or service is itself poor quality, you will lose your customers quickly. Make sure you promise only what you can deliver. Review your marketing materials carefully before their printing and publication. Check what is being promised to the prospective customers. All your employees and marketing agency should know about the deliverables.

Go beyond the expectations of your customers after you have delivered on the promises. It is an easy thing to do. All customers have certain expectations. After fulfilling those demands if you can provide something more and better, it will leave good impression on your customers. There are many small things that you can do to achieve this goal. Some of these options include:

  • A nice packaging that is not dirty, torn or damaged
  • Courteous services by all attendants throughout the time a customer stays at your establishment
  • Unannounced cashback, discounts or other freebies
  • Contacting the customer a few days after the sale to know if the product/service is as expected

2. Provide Better Customer Services

Customer service is one aspect where some companies fail to impress their customers. Most businesses dedicate their energy to acquiring new customers and selling their products. Customer service takes a backseat. The company not only loses customers, it also receives poor reviews from the affected ones. Most reviews online are posted by the customers dissatisfied with the product or service. Fix your customer service department to avoid such problems. Use latest technologies to solve the problems of your customers quickly and in a better way.

Use latest technologies to prevent problems. Human error is a real possibility in all departments. Mistakes can be made in entering the data of the customer, not delivering products on time, poor after-sales service, and others. Use latest technologies to streamline your customer service, promotional campaigns, sales and after-sales service. Use software applications to streamline inventory, shipping, customer service, and other aspects to your business. These tools help you avoid running out of products, not responding to customers on time, two departments not knowing what the other one is doing, and other issues.

3. Fix Your Operational and Backend Issues

It is not directly related to customers. However, most problems that customers face are due to the company having backend issues. You may not have the required number of staff to handle the surge of demands. Your staff may not be trained to provide the services they are expected to offer. You have run out of a product because of poor inventory management. A customer is unable to get the problems solved in time. Establish effective systems that prevent these issues.

Do not sit back and relax expecting all your systems are working as designed. Continuously monitor, update and fine tune your systems. These efforts will improve your services. Satisfied customers are a valuable asset. They not only come back to buy more but also spread positive reviews about your company, product and service. It helps attract more customers to your business.

Francis Beck (Author)